Youth Softball

Just a friendly reminder...this is a RECREATIONAL LEAGUE!

These are KIDS.
This is a GAME.
Coaches are VOLUNTEERS.
Umpires are HUMAN.
Your child is probably NOT being scouted by the Cardinals today.

Parents/spectators please set good examples for our players, umpires, scorekeepers, and coaches. 

Your child is NOT registered until we receive payment. 

Coaches meetings will be held 7/24-7/28
Your coach will contact you as soon as they have scheduled practices. 

Practices start 7/31
Coaches must schedule these w/ Parks and Recreation 573-686-8645.

Games start 8/21 
Coaches will send out schedules as soon as they receive them. 

Game Days:. 
Games for T-Ball are Monday thru Friday.

Games for Rookie League are Monday thru Friday.

Games for Civic League are Monday & Wednesdays

Games for Little League are Tuesday & Thursdays.

Games for Pony League are Monday & Wednesdays.

Games for Sub Jr. Girls are Tuesday & Thursdays.

Games for Jr. League Girls are Tuesday & Thursdays.