Park Rules & Regulations


·         Parks are open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.
·         Respect park property.
·         Place all litter in receptacles.
·         Control noise levels – please be respectful of others.
·         Motorized vehicles are prohibited off roadways and beyond parking areas.
·         Vending or sales are prohibited.
·         No tobacco or e-cigarettes – City Ordinance (Hendrickson Park, Whiteley Park, Linc Park, Hillcrest Park, McLane Park, Ferguson Grove, and Skate Plaza.)
·         Hunting or use of firearms is prohibited.
·         No camping overnight.
·         No use of trash receptacles other than intended use.
·         Glass containers are prohibited.
·         Alcoholic beverage consumption is prohibited (unless otherwise indicated).
·         Placing any sign or advertisement is prohibited.
·         Absolutely no drugs or illegal substances allowed on City property.
·         Report illegal activities to 911.


·         All pets must be on a leash in a City Park or on a City Trail with the exception of the Downtown Dog Park.
·         Pet owners are required to pick up after pets.
·         Pets are not allowed on tennis courts, ballfields, or playgrounds.
·         No horses or ponies are allowed in any park at any time.


·         No unauthorized alterations to parks, athletic fields, or trails
·         Baseball/Softball and soccer fields are first-come, first-served during the off-season.
·         Animals are not allowed in sporting areas.
·         Fields can be reserved to ensure it is available for your use.  Parks and Recreation Department leagues have a preference for reservations.


·         Pavilions are first-come, first-served unless they have been reserved.  Reservations are posted daily.
·         Grilling is allowed only in designated areas in grills provided. Portable grills must be approved.
·         No yard sales.
·         Bounce Houses are not allowed (except by special permit).